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The Underground Fat Loss Manual

by Mathew John (2019-11-25)

Like to watch T.V.? Feel guilty about doing this The Underground Fat Loss Manual Review relaxing activity... even though you need to get in shape? Well, don't fret, you can do what I like to call "commercialized fitness"!Now, I'm not talking about doing some type of exercising that will make you money, I'm talking about exercising... while watching T.V.! Here's what to do: On every commercial break during your favorite T.V. programs, stand up and do some type of "in place" cardio. This could be jogging in place, sprinting in place, jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers, push ups, and more. You could even do a series of body weight workouts... especially with those T.V. programs that have long commercial breaks (ahem... Sons Of Anarchy... ahem)!Okay, don't get too excited here! I'm not talking about finding whoever it is you can't stand and beat the mess out of them (lol)! What I recommend you do, if you have access to a boxing heavy bag (freestanding or hanging) or a boxing reflex bag, is to get a photo of them, expand it, put the photo on the bag, and have at it! This is a fun and stress relieving way to get a great workout in and get revenge on someone you can't stand... without going to jail (hahaha)!If you have kids, they'll certainly get a kick out of watching you do this funny method for burning off some calories! What I recommend you do is every time you clean, do so with lightning fast speed! Not only will you get your chores done quicker, you'll burn off some serious calories! Of course be careful with chores that can be dangerous if done like a maniac (like cleaning the bathroom for example... and you slip and fall while scrubbing the tub like a psycho)!