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Manifestation Magic

by Mathew John (2019-11-26)

Within the power of intention is the seed for creating Manifestation Magic Review everything that you want. Are you consciously deciding what you want to create? As you decide what you want to create and focus on that creation, the opportunities and resources that you need appear. You are a magnet and the universe responds to your thoughts, feelings and intentions. Know that you have the power to create from within.As you hold your intention in your mind, thoughts and feelings, stay open to the flow of life. The universe (or your higher self) knows what is for your highest good. Perhaps what you intend is not as good as what the universe has in store for you. Stay open to opportunities and allow your intention to evolve, if it feels right.Make a daily practice of focusing on your intention. Choose one or more times per day to focus on your intention (morning is a great time, since your mind is clearest then). Breathe deeply and see your intention as completed in your mind's eye and feel in your heart that it is real. As you commit to this practice, notice what opportunities and resources become available to you. You may be surprised at what manifests.TRUST. This word contains a most important concept. Trust that the universe is responding to your energy and that your intention is manifesting. Your being is part of an interconnected web of energy and so it is natural that a response to your intention manifests in the material realm.