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by Mathew John (2019-12-04)

The tissue can be likened to a rubber band, whichClear-Nails-Plus-Review flexes according to one's movement. It acts as part of the foot arch; the shock absorbing apparatus of the foot. Time and old age transform the rubber band into a rope to continue the analogy. Flexibility is reduced, the ability to function as a shock absorber diminishes and it is more likely to suffer from small tears and damage, even from quite innocuous activities.People who have flat feet or high arches are the most common victims of this type of heel pain. Flat feet occur when the plantar fascia is long or over stretched while high arch feet are those where it is short or highly contracted. Both of these abnormalities benefit from arch supports and orthotic insoles to provide the extra support to aid foot function.Obesity greatly increases the risk of suffering from heel pain. If you weigh too much, the burden of carrying the extra weight is taken by the plantar fascia. As such, it can easily become damaged, even during the most mundane of activities. Leading a sedentary lifestyle too increases the risk. Sudden exercise, even simply walking can cause damage when the feet are out of condition.