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Tinnitus 911

by Mathew John (2019-12-12)

On the premise that there are two parts to everyTinnitus 911 Review conflict, parts therapy or ego state therapy is an extraordinary tool to bring resolution to a client's conflict. Both parts want what is best for the client as a whole but the means in which they are trying to achieve that goal are completely different. One part of Larry wants to get well while the other part has chosen to allow the tinnitus to continue. The key is to realize that both parts have his best interests in mind, lending the latter to secondary gain. Secondary gain is the benefit, however big or small, the individual receives for remaining ill. Although Larry wants to get well there is this part of him that has decided that the tinnitus is protecting him in some way. Allowing the client to realize his secondary gain, in this case how the tinnitus keep Larry from experiencing failure again and again, opens up an enormous opportunity for healing. The goal of parts therapy is to show the client that a compromise can be reached so the intent of both parts is fulfilled and they now can work together in harmony towards the same goal.