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Organifi Gold Tea

by Mathew John (2019-12-17)

Flu, food poisoning and even the common cold Organifi Gold Tea Review are all infectious diseases caused by external viruses invading the body. When someone contracts a non-infectious disease it may be cancer, diabetes or heart disease. Most non-infectious diseases surface because of genetics or other factors such as too much sun exposure, obesity, unhealthy diets or substance consumption.However different these two may be, the body's immune system plays a huge role in battling both infectious and non-infectious diseases. In both cases, it's the body's only form of natural defense.Let's start with the biggest part of the immune system that we can see-our skin. The skin is the body's very first defense against outside germs. It creates a nearly impermeable barrier protecting our insides from the outside. Surprisingly, the skin even produces its own antibacterial substances killing most germs upon contact.Next, consider the nose, eyes and mouth. Providing direct passages to the inner body, these places seem easy entryways for outside germs. Yet the immune system guards these passageways with a defense against outsiders. Tears, mucus and saliva are anti-bacterial and kill most germs upon contact. Within the throat, nasal passages and lungs, mast cells present another line of defense against germs.