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Blood Sugar Premier

by Mathew John (2019-12-17)

Several times a year a laboratory test called Blood Sugar Premier Review A1C is used to monitor blood glucose levels over a longer period of time. The A1C test gives a 2 to 3 month average of blood glucose levels.Type 2 diabetes is a managed a little differently from type 1 in that it is more of a lifestyle disease then something someone is born with. With the increasing obesity epidemic more and more people are being diagnosed with this form of the disease. A healthy diet and exercise routine with the primary goal of losing weight along with blood glucose testing are the primary management tools. This can also be partnered with oral medications and/or insulin depending on the needs of the patient.Any adult diabetic is at an increased risk for cardiovascular disease. Heart disease and strokes are responsible for killing 65 percent of all those diagnosed with diabetes. This why management of this disease is so important; it is much more then just monitoring blood glucose. Blood pressure and cholesterol also needs to be tracked and managed through diet, exercise, and medications if needed.The ultimate responsibility for managing this disease falls on the person with the diabetes. Monitoring their glucose levels throughout the day allows them to keep their blood sugar levels from going to high or low; conditions known as hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, both of which can be very dangerous.