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by Mathew John (2020-01-08)

Regularly check your walking gear. Now is Bioleptin Review also the time I look at replenishing my walking wardrobe and make sure all my walking clothes, walking boots and walking accessories are in good order. Keep a list of walking essentials and keep them stocked up. I have a small pack of bits that I take with me on every walk; plasters, medicated wipes, chewing gum, snacks, tissues and water.Don't forget your map! On each section of my planned walking routes I have my map in front of me and often check my compass. I have a Casio compass watch that does a good job of telling me which way North is and with my terrible sense of direction I am constantly checking my map to make sure I'm still walking along the right tracks. Most walks are quite well sign-posted but they can be intermittent. There can also be some contradictions between the route shown on a walking guide, an Ordnance Survey Map or the natural direction of the pathway you are on! As I like to plot my walking routes I always stick to what's shown on the Ordnance Survey Map - that's my proof I'm definitely going the right way.One of the most common New Year's resolutions year after year is to improve overall well-being, which includes eating healthier and losing weight. Eating healthier can be a difficult goal to attain when the work-life balance is thrown into disarray. A hectic, unbalanced life often increases stress; and stress is known to affect your mood, energy levels, and eating habits.