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My Back Pain Coach Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-06-07)

Perhaps by linking in with the My Back Pain Coach breathing and visualisation exercise previously mentioned you may find you can introduce a little control into the management of your pain. If your pain is localised to one area of your body try to 'spread' it, like a pat of butter, throughout your entire body. By spreading and dispersing it everywhere its severity and intensity can become lessened and, again, your mind learns how to become more powerful and help you deal with the pain better. Lessen your anticipation of pain by managing the stress in your life and practicing positive self-talk. Whatever we focus on becomes more real, so choose to take better control of your thoughts. Do your best about the things that worry or concern you and then let them go. Distracting yourself to other thoughts and introducing a more positive perspective allows you to appreciate what you have rather than agonise over what you don't have. Over time this discipline will become easier and your mindset will improve. All that aside, continual pain brings with it massive lifestyle changes, including isolation, loneliness, loss of income. It impacts on friendships and family relationships and can mean everyone involved has to modify their hopes, dreams and expectations for the future. Talking, counselling and support groups can provide reassurance, opportunities for open and honest communication and information as to what practical help is available. Accepting help is not a sign of weakness. It's a way of utilising things that have been provided to try to make your life a little easier. Talk, complain if you can't access the toilet in a restaurant or store, share how you're feeling with others, listen and pay heed to how they're feeling too. A good friend will listen, encourage and be supportive, and may even tell you to 'shut up' occasionally.