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LumaSlim Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-06-11)

Many of us, when attending workout LumaSlim sessions, don't want to think. We have a million things on our mind, like everything we have to do at work today, the list of things to do for the kids tonight, what we're cooking for dinner, etc. Everything but the training, however, when you attend a personal training session fully present and focused, and truly invest in the learning process, you'll see unbelievable and sometimes life changing results. Getting yourself a good coach who insists that you learn, and who believes in "Mastery" could prove to be a game changer for you. The more you invest in the learning process, the better results you'll get Here are the top 3 training concepts you need to know to achieve mastery: Less Is More-Limit Your Exercises To Just 2 or 3- Many of us operate under the assumption that the more work we can fit into a 1 hour workout session the better results we'll get. That assumption would be false. In fact, you'll be wasting valuable time and putting yourself at risk for over training and injury by doing so. Your goal should be to personally invest in each of the exercises, understand the concept behind the movements, and make sure the muscles that are being targeted are actually doing the work. You'll want to "Master" or perfect the technique of each of those 2 or 3 lifts, and understand how you can continue to challenge yourself with those exercises as your performance improves over time. You Can't Get Results At A Gym-Don't Train Everyday- When we are extremely motivated and ready for change, we tend to work against ourselves by over training. What we all must understand is the results you're looking for will not be achieved on the gym floor; in fact it's just the opposite. Muscle building, fat loss, etc., actually occur when you are at rest. That's right... the results you're looking for will be realized while sleeping, eating, relaxing, etc.