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Power Of Hormones Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-06-12)

I was determined to let go, and in the Power Of Hormones following few weeks things really started to happen for me. I felt noticeably calmer and my instincts told me to trust things: trust the universe, trust nature, and trust that I would be looked after. Just by trusting and having faith, I felt my confidence grow. I felt enlightened and vigorous.It seems too simple to say I just relaxed, but that is exactly what I did. I let go and I let nature do what it is designed to do. I had a feeling deep inside that this new approach was going to be a success. And sure enough, just a few months after my visit to the doctor, I felt a different. A little sick, a little light headed. Could it be? I watched in amazement as the line on the test kit changed to blue. A second kit confirmed it: I was pregnant!Yeast or more scientifically known as Candida is a fungus abundant in areas like female genitalia and the mouth. It is most commonly present among moist places and 20% - 50% of women are believed to carry this fungus.A fungus known as Candida albicans is the one causing vaginitis or inflammation of the female genitalia. Another infection is the vulvitis or the inflammation of the external female genitalia.Yeast naturally occurs in the body, so you do not necessarily have to "catch" it like colds and flu. Infections are caused by an imbalance which leads to an upset in the normal functioning of tissues in the female genitalia.The female genitalia have a number of different healthy bacteria thriving in it, and some of them are yeast. The yeast is kept under control by the healthy bacteria. The acidity caused by the healthy bacteria is what keeps the Candida under control. The yeast is most of the time dormant but an imbalance in the environment is what causes some problems. If the imbalance occurs, yeast infection eventually happens.