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Emory Linthicum

Bio Statement If you are selecting a modern infrastructure for your company's data center or for a small server rack, you should keep in mind the current trends that will last in the IT industry for at least another 3-4 years. First, VMware will continue to be a leading provider of hypervisors for data centers. With the release of vSphere 7.0, support for running a PCI-E device in a guest operating system for applications related to artificial intelligence and machine learning, the position of VMWare ESXi will only improve. Corporate networks, even in small companies, will be switched to 10 Gbit / s using a category 7 copper cable, or an SFP + optical interface. As with all previous years, Intel will continue to be the leading provider of 10 Gbit/c network cards (X550, X740, and X520 models). The approach to a personal data center as a cloud will allow companies to save money on choosing free solutions that do not have a vendor-Lock. For example, instead of HPE, Dell, and Lenovo, it is now possible to install efficient servers on Supermicro and Asrock Rack motherboards. As before, the focus in building networks will shift to software solutions: CEPH, Openstack, Kubernetes, etc. We believe that a huge success awaits AMD, which will continue to win back the market from Intel with a highly successful line of server processors EPYC 7000 on the core of Rome and EPYC 3200. Offering the market technologies to protect the local cloud from intruders, AMD today remains the only provider of virtual machine protection hardware (VM). In General, the market will continue to trend away from hard drives in favor of solid-state drives. In all areas, except for archival data huawei san storage and video surveillance, we expect NVME to be replaced by first-generation HDD and SSD drives. Also, in the field of video surveillance, with the growing number of 4K cameras, it will be possible to completely abandon the old 100-megabit PoE equipment.