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The Flexibility of Plastic Cards for Any Business

Small cards are used for everything from identification to rewards and this means they should be durable. Paper may seem like a suitable material for business but it is unacceptable for a membership, identification, or loyalty id. For these and other purposes, only plastic will do. Plastic can be used to make badges for assorted purposes, making it flexible in more ways than one.

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Mechanics of Plastic Cards

They are made from 30 mil standard plastic or 24 mil Teslin or PVC. Assorted sizes are available including a popular size that fits into the slot on a wallet and smaller tags designed to attach to a key chain. Blank ids made from PVC feature magnetic stripes and membership ones are available with or without bar codes. With a camera and special software, they are transformed into a visual identification badge.

Modern technology provides contactless proximity ids that are read without being inserted into a reader device. Smart ones that include embedded integrated circuits are the wave of the future. The inside of each item holds memory that can store a large amount of data, interact with a special reader, and carry out functions such as encryption or mutual authentication. Whether used for customer payments, rewards programs, or identification purposes, these items offer cutting-edge features.

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Different Purposes for Plastic Cards

There are actually quite a few different uses for these badges. Libraries use them to identify members and athletic facilities typically add a photo for visual verification. Schools and employers create plastic employee identification badges that provide access and verify identity. Security has become a top priority at many organizations, making it important to control access to facilities and resources.

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Gift cards made from plastic last longer than paper certificates and can even be reused to reduce environmental waste. Higher education institutions offer these to alumni for discounts on school apparel and special offers at local establishments.