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The 2012 Buffalo Bills - "Bill-Ding" Something Special

Minicamps have begun to open around the National Football League in anticipation of the 2012 football season, and the Buffalo Bills are hopeful that this is the initial step in a long journey towards not only a winning season, but the first playoff appearance for the Bills since the Music City Miracle, pulled off by the Tennessee Titans in the 1999 AFC Wild Card Playoffs eliminated them. Indeed, the Buffalo Bills are suffering from the longest active post-season drought, 12 seasons to be exact. 

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However, the mood at minicamp is light, and there is plenty of reason for coaches, players, and fans to believe that the 2012 season will mark the return of 'better days'.

Last season the Bills finished 6-10, though the team started off to the tune of 3-0 and subsequently 5-2, before losing the NFL's leading rusher in Fred Jackson to a season ending injury. Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick benefited greatly from Jackson's effectiveness on the field, as defenses were kept off-balance, not knowing whether the Bills would choose to run or throw the ball downfield. Once Jackson went down, defenses around the league quickly shut down Fitzpatrick's throwing lanes, and effectively ended the Bills' season.

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Though, a new season brings new hope, and that is what the 2012 Bills are counting on. Fred Jackson is healthy, and C.J. Spiller has gained more experience from all of the 'touches' he got in Jackson's absence. In addition, the Bills went out and aggressively courted and signed free agent star pass rusher, Mario Williams to a long term contract; and in addition, stole away defensive end Mark Anderson from the rival Patriots. The addition of Williams and Anderson, along with last year's first round draft pick, Marcel Dareus, should turn the Bills defensive line into a force to be reckoned with. 

Coming off a season with just 29 sacks, the Bills are equipped to improve upon that total, which should in turn, equate to more victories. And if that wasn't enough, the Bills shored up their already decent secondary by drafting cornerback Stephon Gilmore with the 10th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft to play opposite Aaron Williams. Back on the offensive side of the ball, offensive tackle Glen Cordy was selected in the 2nd round of the draft to help reinforce a much improved offensive line which yielded the lowest sack total in the NFL last season. 

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Additionally, tight end coach Pete Metzelaars is pleased with the progression and options he has at this most complex of positions heading into training camp. Scott Chandler emerged last year as one of Ryan Fitzpatrick's favorite receiving weapons; however, Metzelaars believes that Chandler will have to earn his spot on the roster for 2012, as new talent has emerged in the names of Kevin Brock and Fendi Onobun.