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How To Organize Your Bills

I have come up with a superb way to systemize my bills and paperwork, and cut down on paper clutter. I have also created my own Bill Organizer set up for my own needs.

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First, when a bill enters my house it automatically goes into a Bills Due folder located in a five tier organization rack on my kitchen counter. Any important financial papers we receive go into a folder labeled To Be Filed. This is my family's information area and all important papers are kept here. On payday, which is every Friday for us, I pay my bills. Many of them are paid online, so I use this day to check all financial websites to be positive everything will be paid on time. It is essential to keep up with bills that are automatically paid to make sure there are no problems.

My Bill Organizer has all my financial information right at my fingertips. I purchased tabbed dividers to separate different sections of my organizer. My first section has all of my general bill information . I have a list of all my banks and accounts with phone number and address information. I also have a list of everything I do online with sign-ins and passwords. The second section is a basic list of my regular monthly bills. Sections three and four are debt/loan info and savings information. In the back I keep a "Plan Ahead" calendar that has sections for monthly and weekly. 

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I use the calendar to keep track of when things are due and when they are paid. I document all bills due on the monthly calendar and all income and money spent on the weekly calendar. This keeps all money information in one place. Also kept in my organizer are a calculator, stamps, envelopes, pens, pencils and a highlighter.

On bill paying day I pay all necessary bills and write the date paid and check number on the bill stub. The bills that need to get mailed are put in the front of my five tier organizer which is where all outgoing mail is kept. Any bills being paid online are checked to make sure they have gone through or are pending. I record these dates in my Bill Organizer. Next, I file the bill stubs and any other financial papers received that week from the To Be Filed folder. I keep all my files in a filing cabinet near my computer. 

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The top drawer is for current or active files and the bottom drawer is for permanent files. I have a folder for each month of the year. All receipts and bill stubs go into the monthly folder. At the end of the year I go through these monthly files and cull what is not needed. The rest of the papers then go into a Yearly file in the permanent file drawer. Also kept in my permanent file drawer are medical info, tax info, warranties, vet info and loan info. Having a Current and Permanent file makes things very easy for me to find. If I need a receipt I simply go to the monthly folder and find it. If I need pertinent medical info I go right to the permanent drawer.