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Poetic beauty of dove wings on the coast of Da Nang
If you want to see the pigeons flying in the sky or take photos with them, you can visit the beach at Pham Van Dong - Da Nang to enjoy. There are many pigeons here and there every day, so when you arrive here, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery. Not only Da Nang residents but many foreign tourists visit Da Nang extremely impressed with the poetic natural beauty of beaches in this city. Surely if you come here, you will experience a lot of interesting things.

Pham Van Dong beach is also the location chosen by the favorite couples as a place for wedding photography. The pigeons caretakers share again that the extremely dovetail pigeons are white from the bride's wedding dress. So every bride and groom couple come here to take wedding photos, hundreds of pigeons gather near. If you see it with your own eyes, you will definitely enjoy it. Wedding photography also enlisted when the pigeons approached to take many beautiful and sparkling wedding photos. Pham Van Dong beach is rated as the most beautiful and charming beach on the planet. So if you have a chance, come here once to admire the beauty of this beach! Pham Van Dong Beach is located on Vo Nguyen Giap Street in Son Tra District so you just need to go along this route to arrive.

We are used to watching the dove wing as a symbol of peace, a picture of the people's desire for peace. It is unknown when the park was called a park of love. Probably because this place is the ideal place where couples love to hang out or it can be a romantic romantic place to mark the love of couples in wedding photos. If you come here, you will definitely see the beautiful scenery of the sky and the blue sea and golden sand. Not only that, but here you have the opportunity to take pictures with the pigeons here too. Anyone can come to know and approach the pigeons. With just a little food, you can have fun and take virtual photos with pigeons in this beautiful city of Da Nang. There are winter park doves as more bustling and crowded. There are many people who come to play here, from the children to the elderly, everyone is busy laughing and laughing with each other. Try to think of a day when you are hand-in-hand with the person you love to go to Pham Van Dong beach and look at the beach and the cool beach! Coming here in the morning or in the evening, you will see the doves fluttering in the sky looking very happy.

Danang to have fun. In this season, the weather is very beautiful, convenient for playing and traveling, so you can just relax with your friends and family! About choosing a means of transportation, depending on your needs and income, each person will have his or her own choice. If you like to experience and admire the scenery, why not choose a train as a means of travel? Train tickets are quite cheap and people can enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way to Danang. In addition, passenger cars are also one of the means chosen by tourists because of their low cost. However, if you are drunk, it may not be the right vehicle. To get to the tourist destination quickly, perhaps the plane is the most perfect means. Their prices are also somewhat more than the other two means, but in terms of time as well as services, it is much more assured. To be able to buy cheap airline tickets do not forget to hunt tickets from Vietnamese airlines airlines or Jetstar ... to have a real trip to save everyone.

About finding a resting hotel, you can refer to Hoang Anh motel. This is one of the quality motels that many tourists believe when going to Da Nang so you can all feel secure. It can be said that Hoang Anh lodge is both a moderate price, good service quality and prestige. So don't ignore this place when you arrive in Danang! You should remember that the holidays of tourists flock to Da Nang are very crowded so to find good quality rooms, the reservation is very important. So plan to visit Danang from now and book a room at Hoang Anh motel to get cheap prices!
Wish you have a happy and meaningful trip to Da Nang!

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