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It seemed like it was difficult to fulfill this wish because Yonsei University was originally famous in Korea and was included in TOP SKY, but in the end, she achieved what she wanted and also received a scholarship of 50% of the tuition of Yonsei. I searched quite a lot of counseling centers for scholarship and scholarship support, I found out that Hanbee Center is very reputable and the team works professionally and enthusiastically, so I and my parents sent me His belief for the organization.

I would like to thank my family, teachers, friends and brothers and sisters from Hanbee Study Abroad Counseling Center for accompanying them throughout the long time of studying, practicing and achieving many good results. I have achieved a scholarship of about 90% for 4 years studying in the US. I will definitely encourage my friends, aunts and uncles who wish to study abroad to experience Hanbee's services. ”At the same time, the center promises to provide advice, guidance and business support. fees to travel, study in South Korea.

On the evening of August 20, the Security Team of Thanh Khe District inspected the administrative center and discovered that there were 4 teachers on the 3rd floor illegally conducting propaganda for 18 students. Formerly a company founded by a number of international students who have studied and worked in N ... Our Visa service to Korea in Danang will represent and help you in the entire process of completing records and procedures.

Therefore, referencing the online information is not verified or from acquaintances - those who are not experts in Korean visa application, will not guarantee the accuracy and give customers a lot. risk. - In cases where additional documents are required, the visa issuance time may be longer than the appointment date and 1-2 days after the additional date, the results will be announced (except for marriage and student visa). (Currently) The subject of the multiple-year visa is valid for 5 years excluding citizens of the major cities of Southeast Asian countries including Vietnam.

- 1 - (Subject) Those who do professional jobs or university graduates abroad want to come to Korea on business, tourism or tourism but are not for work purposes. (New policy) Those who do professional jobs or university graduates abroad are granted multiple visas that are valid for 10 years (duration of stay within 90 days).

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