Primary Health Care Policy Implementation Performance in Bangladesh: Affecting Factors

Md. Mohoshin Ali


The extent of how health policy implementation performance is taking route at the national level is a very important issue as far as world population levels in relation to the future workforce is concerned. These require properly implementation of health policy by the respective government. This study was tried in unearthing factors related to primary health care policy implementation in Bangladesh. An integrated conceptual framework was developed based on a review of the literature. Primary data were collected from the total population of 424 Upazilla Health and Family Planning Officers (UH&FPO). Hierarchical multiple regression analysis as a tool of the quantitative method was used. The results revealed that four out of seven explanatory variables were statistically significant and had a unique contribution for the relationships with health policy implementation performance ordering as per the strength; Implementer’s Disposition (ID), Clarity of Goals and Objectives (COGAO), Management Dynamics (MD), and Coordination (COORD). The study also envisioned to recommend policy implications as; the policy makers ought to revise the goals and objectives of the health policy that must be specific measurable achievable realistic and timebound (SMART), government should allocate more resources in primary health care, inter-organizational coordination should be strengthened, to prominence on innovation for effective health care delivery using technology, research and development and health and well-being management, to motivate health providers regarding their responsibility, devotion and attitude, to get local  support specially from local government and administration, and to ensure gender equality deploying female doctors as UH&FPO. Finally, the findings expected to benefit the society considering the contribution of new knowledge generated in the field of policy implementation.

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