Bilingual Biblical Etymology - Origin of Language

James Xianxing Du


Multilingual mutual match in biblical etymology is a secret of civilization and definitive evidence for creation, presented for the first time in history. 恐terror is error to carry ark by two poles工to battlefield, 謬mistake is to take ark marked by cherubim  to shed blood , 奉  dedication has two dactyl hands  to offer cattle  as tithe, 祝blessing is sibling兄, 嬰Infant is financial貝to fiancé and fiancée, 音Sound has Son童,  sonic is in prison , 辨to distinguish digital hands  is related to Jonah’s debate辯, 諒to forgive is related to whale鲸and capital京, and黥criminal label has capital after殳killing Abel from穀grain offering. Biblical books such as Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Jonah are astonishingly validated by bilingual mutual match in biblical etymology. Bilingual mutual match links退quit to quite很, 骄pride to bridge桥, 宴banquet to bank堰, 霉mould to plum blossom梅, 園garden to garment衣, 悛repent to paternal公Adam, 悔remorse to maternal母Eve, 濁opacity to optic目, 稠dense to seeds禾on altar口, 脯sausage to use用, 恿urge to courage勇,  religion to grill  and logged legal book, 忿anger and rage to revenge in segregation分, and朝morning to mourn悼. Many affixes are presented, such as nat+vowel of native, innate and nation as tone, wh as human near water, 乍restricted motion in炸explosion, migration to circumvent giant巨, a motion affix , 夭human to flee, 匽to hide Moses in basket  near Nile bank堰, 兆water and fire,  co-carriage of ark and altar, 用/甬/甫as altar’s service, and  as star. Known affixes such as com, tech, 巴, , 貝and曼curtain also match biblical etymology. 爸father is to thaw fat肥in faith at thermal altar, 疤scar has sacred worshiper巴, and relative is related to altar. Creatures have biblical etymology. Clove is created to resemble cloud, tendril resembles spilled blood lines on tent’s curtain, 藤vine has vineyard , vessel舟,  fire and Noah’s hands , dolphin has phonic ultrasound, and elephant has elevated sound. The systematic bilingual match in biblical etymology spans all categories. Wednesday is water condensation and seed day, 奥/謎 mystery has star , 樂music, smile and laugh have semi and halves, 球sphere/globe is ephod/robe裘’s pomegranate, textile has to exit in exile, filament has flame, fiber has fire, desperation is to tear apart dress, inheritance and heritage繼are to tear attire and fragment斷garment, 亵blasphemy is to take执divided clothes  for military to humiliate Son, satire has attire, mock is blocked sunlight, Corpse is sacred Sarco on cross, 讽sarcasm is Sarco and crazy疯to validate Jesus, oath is to heat theological offering cut with hatchet, family has flame for kin to kindle, meal in flame is alumni, to incite is to incinerate, to instigate is to ignite, to stimulate is meal at flame of altar, health is to heat wheat at altar, tomb is mobility, and town is own tone and own tower, solving the etymology of numerous words. In conclusion, the entire languages of English and China and also words in additional ancient languages must have been divinely created in etymology to predestinedly and mutually match each other, and equally astonishingly, match bible, as the origin of language. 

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